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Come to Imago Shopping Mall at Kota Kinabalu this weekend (28th April to 2nd May) and visit HyppTV's event to experience the exciting drawing to 3D (Friends of the Kingdom) and Virtual Reality (Walk On The Plank)

28th April 2017

Teraju Superb

An exciting moment where we present our innovation to Teraju's Judges at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for Superb funding. It's a short pitch but we glad to have this opportunity to present our idea among professionals. View Superb Fund to learn more.

19th April 2017

Planet Ninja

Planet Ninja has been approved and released to App Store. Play this free super duper slashing game and learn about planets and it's unique secret. See our game list to download Download

15th April 2017

TM Event (Virtual Reality & 3D Paper Sketching)

Coming soon this 29th April 2017, Try our Virtual Reality Simulation & 3D Paper Sketching at Imago Kota Kinabalu

14th April 2017

Finger Dance Evolution

Coming soon, finger dance evolution in iOS and Google Play

12th April 2017


Coming soon, malloween in iOS and Google Play

12th April 2017

Planet Ninja

Planet Ninja has been released to Google Play Store

1st March 2017

M.A.D Event

Visitors playing our VR Games during the event using Vive. Its a very long queue and they were excited to try those games and experience the VR technology.

25th Nov 2016